Due to COVID-19, mobile crisis is temporarily providing service via telehealth.

A banner with a photo that depicts hands on a steering wheel. The text reads, "Free, confidential crisis counseling, wherever you are."
A map of southeast Iowa in the United States that highlights Keokuk, Washington, Louisa, and Jefferson counties, where CommUnity Mobile Crisis provides service.

CommUnity's Mobile Crisis Response team has recently expanded to provide free services in Louisa, Washington, Keokuk, and Jefferson Counties funded by Southeast Iowa Link. This public health program dispatches counselors to homes, schools, emergency rooms, or public places where a mental health crisis is occurring. Response time is within 60 minutes of dispatch.

If you or someone you know are feeling overwhelmed, lonely, or don't know where to turn, Mobile Crisis can help. Counselors are trained to support people with anxiety, depression, or thoughts of self harm or suicide.

Call 1-833-854-7613 to have Mobile Crisis Response dispatched in Southeast Iowa.

Goals of Mobile Crisis Response

Stabilize the crisis

Trained Mobile Crisis counselors respond to mental health crises using proven de-escalation techniques to stabilize the crisis.

Reduce hospitalizations & arrests

When there is no medical emergency or threat of violence, our counselors can provide an alternative service to keep people experiencing mental health crisis out of hospitals and jail.

Provide referrals

CommUnity's Mobile Crisis counselors provide referrals to community resources as well as follow-up.