About CommUnity

CommUnity Crisis Services and Food Bank, formerly The Crisis Center, is a volunteer-driven organization that provides immediate and non-judgmental support for individuals facing emotional, food, or financial crisis.

CommUnity's Mobile Crisis Response team launched in Washington, Louisa, Keokuk, and Jefferson County to provide emergency mental health services in 2020. CommUnity has provided Mobile Crisis services in Johnson and Iowa counties since 2015.

Mobile Crisis Response dispatches mental health counselors to homes, schools, emergency rooms, or public places where a mental health crisis is occurring. For more information about how Mobile Crisis works, check out our FAQs page.

CommUnity has been providing mental health resources in Iowa for 50 years. The organization began as a crisis line in 1970 and expanded to include chat and text services. CommUnity's crisis line is available via phone or text at 1-855-325-4296, or chat at IowaCrisisChat.org. CommUnity also offers support groups and suicide prevention training.

In additional to CommUnity's mental health services, we also provide a Food Bank, Mobile Pantry, and Basic Needs program for residents of Johnson County, Iowa.

To find out more about all of CommUnity's services, visit builtbycommunity.org.

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